The Palladium Story

In late 2019, The Palladium Forum began to develop as the natural outgrowth of a long-term change strategy devised by its founder, John Lankford, to leverage leadership as a critical pathway to substantially improve health systems to better meet patients’ needs. Between 2019-2021Palladium ran two beta cohorts back-to-back with a total of 8 C-suite leaders. The results were promising enough to design and launch a full program offering for an inaugural class in Fall 2022. A second full-size cohort will launched June 2023.

The first step in John’s strategy to change healthcare through leadership started more than 10 years ago when he founded The Parnassus Group, which leverages change by mastering the art of getting great leaders into the right seats at great companies to thoughtfully disrupt ineffective systems and reimagine new models of care. The Palladium Forum extends this vision by ensuring that once positioned, healthcare’s senior-most leaders are also adequately equipped to thoughtfully and effectively drive care-minded change forward in the midst of complex pressures and demands.

Founder’s Story

After spending the early decades of his career with Abbott Laboratories, and leading growth for two innovative healthcare start-ups, Palladium Founder, John Lankford, was called home to lead the third generation of his family business at the East Birmingham Bronze Foundry. The foundry presented John’s first encounter with leadership demands that stretched his bounds of knowledge and experience. Little from his corporate or growth roles prepared him for the needs of a blue collar workforce, a looming labor strike, a changing global supply market, and countless other dynamics that made non-ferrous bronze-casting more challenging and costly than ever before.

What John and his team learned through that crucible experience that required them to stretch well-beyond personal confidence to cast a new model of success, forms the basis of the Palladium vision. It’s what formed a deep appreciation for the unprecedented challenges healthcare leaders are facing today at the emergent edge of ever-changing technology, policy, and disease patterns. It is why Palladium knows the wisdom of fellow leaders is invaluable, the toolkit for change is different than simple management, and companies can never afford to undervalue the people they serve.


The Palladium Forum develops and equips agile and care-minded leaders to reshape the face of healthcare in the United States by empowering them with distinctive skills to navigate the critical nexus of constant, complex change and human-centered care.

Our vision is that the Palladium experience will revitalize and equip influential leaders to engage reflective and meaningful changes within healthcare’s longer term horizon.


The Palladium Forum equips agile and care-minded leaders for healthcare’s emerging horizon. Designed as a 9-month, hybrid leadership intensive for healthcare’s senior-most leaders, each Palladium class will spend time learning together in-person, virtually, and individually.

In addition to designated learning sessions, members’ experience will be enriched by:

  • Periodic contributions by several esteemed guest scholars and leaders;
    Structured time and space for reflection;
  • Exposure to a wide range of creative exercises;
  • One-on-one coaching, peer consultation, and more…


Real-Case Learning

Palladium employs a puzzle-based learning model that helps leaders make real-time progress on their most pressing or complex challenges

Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Palladium draws wisdom from other industries that have been radically transformed by change

Peer-to-Peer Wisdom

Palladium curates environments and interactions that cultivate and protect valuable, high-trust relationships between executives from across the industry

Cross-Sector Insights

Palladium structures space to help leaders glean and integrate key learnings from across diverse industry sectors to drive value

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