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Value of collaboration?

Kate Harris  // February 2024

Summary: Palladium orients around four core values: Care, Curiosity, Imagination, and Collaboration.  Collaboration is one of the skills most frequently cited as an essential skill by companies seeking to hire or replace a C-level leader. 


    6 Skills Leaders Need in the Digital Age

    Linda A. Hill, Ann Le Cam, Sunand Menon, and Emily Tedards // February 2022

    Summary: According to a Harvard Business School study, adaptability, curiosity, creativity, and comfort with ambiguity are top leadership traits critical to success in digital transformation.


      What is Care-minded impact?

      Kate Harris  // November 2023

      Summary: Care-Minded Impact is an aspect of the Palladium experience that explicitly aims to equip leaders with the resources and imagination they need to keep human concerns and care interests at the center of strategic thinking about high-level healthcare change.


        What is Change Communication?

        Kate Harris  // October 2023

        Summary: Change Communication focuses on equipping leaders with the tools and resources they need to effectively convey messages about change to others in a way that builds trust and confidence in the midst of disruption and uncertainty.


          What is Adaptive Leadership?

          Kate Harris  // August 2023

          Summary: Adaptive Leadership is an approach that enables organizations to change and grow in dynamic environments. It aims to help individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in the face of challenge and prepare them to take on the process – and disruption – of change.



            Tojin T. Easpen, Daniel J. Finkenstadt, Josh Folk, Lokesh Venkataswamy // July 2023

            Summary: “There is tremendous apprehension about the potential of generative AI—technologies that can create new content such as text, images, and video—to replace people in many jobs. But one of the biggest opportunities generative AI offers is to augment human creativity and overcome the challenges of democratizing innovation.”


              How New CEOs Establish Legitimacy

              Nitin Nohria // June 2023

              Summary: “CEOs are given the authority to lead by the rules of corporate governance. They gain additional influence and credibility by demonstrating competence. CEOs who achieve legitimacy have a higher level of trust and influence. This legitimacy will be gained by consistently demonstrating specific behaviors.”



              What Kind of Leader are You? How Three Action Orientations Can Help You Meet the Moment

              Ben Rand // July 2023

              Summary: “Executives who confront new challenges with old formulas often fail. The best leaders tailor their approach, recalibrating their “action orientation” to address the problem at hand, says Ryan Raffaelli. He details three action orientations and how leaders can harness them.”