2023-2024 Palladium Cohort

Zack Usilton

CDO, SENTAS Partners | Atlanta, GA

Zack is the Chief Development Officer at SENTAS Partners. With a remarkable 8-year tenure at DaVita, he directed corporate development and market strategy in the Southeastern US, overseeing a $1 billion annual revenue market. Zack's extensive experience includes managing DaVita's acquisition integration team across the US and leading market operations in Atlanta. Under his leadership at SENTA, he has spearheaded transformative multi-state partnerships, solidifying SENTA as a pioneering provider in the Southeast.

Laura Buckley

COO, Connections Health Solutions | San Diego, CA

Laura Buckley is the COO at Connections Health Solutions, overseeing national operations and spearheading the expansion of the company's clinical model and shared services operations. With over 15 years of operational expertise, Laura has successfully reduced hospital admissions in Medicaid and behavioral health populations while serving as a key driver of improved quality and cost savings.

Robin Tam

CGO, RightMove Health | Aliso Viejo, CA

Robin, currently the Chief Growth Officer at RightMove Health, is a dedicated advocate for enhancing healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality for the most vulnerable patients. With extensive experience in strategic alliances within government programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, Robin is committed to advancing personalized healthcare solutions. Leveraging digital health in the startup realm, she drives meaningful change for underserved populations.

Laura Templeton

EVP + COO, Compassus | Nashville, TN

Laura currently serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Compassus, leading a continuum of home-based health care services, including Hospice, Home Health, Infusion, and Palliative Care. With extensive experience as Chief Clinical Operations Officer, Division President, and Managing Clinical Director, Laura's expertise spans both patient care and strategic leadership. Her versatile background drives impactful contributions to patient well-being and operational excellence.

Mike Bunting

COO, Bloom Healthcare | Denver, CO

As COO for Bloom Healthcare, Mike is responsible for the day to day operations of the organization as well as elements of strategic growth. Mike’s expertise spans strategy, corporate development, finance, and operational leadership, with a consistent focus on growing new business lines and integrating disparate sites of service. He is passionate about redefining the way healthcare is delivered through developing and improving processes, technology, and tools that lead to quality results.

Asher Royal

COO, Centria Healthcare | Atlanta, GA

Asher serves as COO at Centria Healthcare, which brings extensive expertise in healthcare operations and development. With a proven track record in building physician relationships, fostering joint ventures, and enhancing ancillary services, Asher's impact spans senior roles at DaVita Kidney Care and Solis Women's Health. His skill-set covers competitive analysis, joint ventures, partnerships, fiscal management, and development, reflecting his significant contributions to healthcare leadership.

Matthew Pine

President & CEO, Intellicure, LLC | Houston, TX

Matthew is a results-oriented professional currently serving as the President and CEO at Intellicure, LLC in Greater Houston. With over 8 years of experience, he has been instrumental in leading dynamic teams, employing data-driven strategies to navigate complex scenarios, and empowering individuals with knowledge for success. Matthew's commitment to leveraging technology and human potential has driven innovation, empathy, and mutual growth through his various roles.

Cynthia Perazzo

CEO, Sovato | Huntington Beach, CA

Cynthia s a dynamic healthcare strategist and entrepreneur. Her extensive experience in the hospital and healthcare industry encompasses strategy, digital transformation, and innovation. Cynthia's present role as Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Sovato, coupled with her impactful contributions to AVIA's digital innovation network, showcases her unwavering commitment to driving healthcare transformation.

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