Program Elements

In-Person Gatherings

4 in-person meetings throughout the year to build our community. 


Virtual Learning Sessions

One-on-one virtual coaching between in-person gatherings. 



A real-world challenge each member brings to the cohort to examine using Palladium principles.  



Thought-work done with a consultation partner between gatherings.  

Threshold Exercises

Exercises utilizing a range of artistic mediums to guide a focused time of pause, contemplation, and discussion.

Guest Contributors

The Forum will draw on the insight, perspective, and expertise of other industry leaders and scholars.


Real-Case Learning

Palladium employs a puzzle-based learning model that helps leaders make real-time progress on their most pressing or complex challenges

Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Palladium draws wisdom from other industries that have been radically transformed by change

Peer-to-Peer Wisdom

Palladium curates environments and interactions that cultivate and protect valuable, high-trust relationships between executives from across the industry

Cross-Sector Insights

Palladium structures space to help leaders glean and integrate key learnings from across diverse industry sectors to drive value

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